Tokenomics Community Process
We invite you to contribute and influence the direction of the WeatherXM tokenomics.

In the coming period we plan to release more information about the WeatherXM tokenomics. As a result, we seek to elicit input from the community.

You may have some views, concerns, discovered a problem or have an improvement on how the WeatherXM tokenomics should work that you would like to share with us. This form is where you can do this.

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What to expect
We plan to review all contributions. All!

We will continue to elicit input from the community throughout the design and release of the the WeatherXM tokenomics and this form will remain for the duration of the process.

We will treat your personal details and contribution confidentially and  in compliance to the GDPR. Unless you otherwise tell us we will not publicly associate your contribution to you. We may also contact you to discuss any contributions that we may need clarifications for.
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