Programme Registration Form 2021
Please use this form to register new Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities parenting programmes with a start date in 2021. This includes both:
- a full 13 week SFSC programme
- a four session 'Introduction' to SFSC course

New programmes should be registered at least two weeks before the programme start date.
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Your personal data will be used by Race Equality Foundation for the purpose of supporting delivery of SFSC and in keeping in contact with you in relation to this course. Sensitive data will be anonymised wherever possible and will be used for statistical purposes only. Your information will be only be shared with third parties as required by law. Our full privacy policy is available here:
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The Race Equality Foundation may respond to telephone, email and web based enquiries about local programmes by directing parents to the contact person named on this form.
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We ask you to do this so that we can allocate the programme to a Programme Officer.
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Programme start date
Please provide in the format dd/mm/yyyy
Programme end date
Please provide in the format dd/mm/yyyy. Please note courses MUST have the number of sessions required: 13 for the full SFSC programme and 4 for the 'Introduction' course.
Day of week
Please use 24 hour clock i.e. 11.00-14.00. Please note all sessions must be 3 hours long for the SFSC Programme and 2 hours long for the four session Introductory course.
Number of parents recruited
Is the group targeted towards one parent group (i.e. dads, parents with learning disabilities)? Please provide details.
Facilitator details
Name of Facilitator 1
Contact number for Facilitator 1
Contact email for Facilitator 1
First time facilitator or not yet accredited? *
Please let us know if the named person has only just completed their training or has yet to be observed and accredited. Please note SFSC facilitators delivering the 4 week introductory course should already be accredited facilitators.
Name of Facilitator 2
Contact number for Facilitator 2
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First time facilitator or not yet accredited? *
Please let us know if the named person has only just completed their training or has yet to be observed and accredited.Please note SFSC facilitators delivering the 4 week introductory course should already be accredited facilitators.
Anything else?
This can be anything from dates when a facilitator might be on leave, to who a 'back up' facilitator might be, or anything special about your group (like it is for dads or the programme is part of the RCT) that you think it might be useful for us to know!
Quality Assurance and Support
We need to know what level of support you require and how you will be complying with the fidelity and quality requirements of the programme. Please note that the information below applies only to the full SFSC programme delivered over 13 weeks.

> Some local authorities or delivery agencies have prepaid QA and support arrangements in place with the Foundation which mean that you are entitled to a programme observation, feedback and a report as well as a (dependent on package) bespoke local peer support and advanced training, evaluation report, dedicated programme officer, and annual management reports.

> Individual programmes can purchase a support package. The basic package is £500 and provides a named programme officer who will observe the full session of your programme and meet with your afterwards to report back and identify actions. You will also get a written summary report.

> For accredited facilitators, you can complete the QA tool which is located on the strengthening practice site and is available through Programme Officers. This requires you to document your delivery and develop a portfolio of evidence which you will need to submit to the Foundation and then attend a review meeting to identify that standards have been met.

If you have any queries about this, please contact one of the SFSC programme officers or Leandra, the Programme Manager.
Please select which QA route this programme will take:
This question only needs to be completed if you are registering a full 13 week programme. If you want further information on QA options, please do look at the Strengthening Practice Website or speak to a Programme Officer. Please note new facilitators requiring accreditation are not eligible to completion the portfolio route.
Ordering programme materials
If you require programme materials (parent manuals etc) please indicate the numbers of each item required below.

Please note that the manuals are designed to accompany the 13 week course.

The four week introductory course will have a parent handbook to accompany it which can be shared electronically or can be purchased as hard copies in bulk for orders of 50 or more. Please contact about this.
How are you paying for the materials?
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Invoice address including organisation name and postcode
Delivery address including postcode (if different to the above)
Contact name
Contact phone
Contact email
Purchase order number
Please check with your finance department whether a purchase order number is needed.
Facilitator manual (£100)
Parent manual- Arabic (£13)
Parent manual- Bengali (£12)
Parent manual- Chinese (£13)
Parent manual- English (£13)
Parent manual- Farsi (£12)
Parent manual- French (£13)
Parent manual- Gujarati (£13)
Parent manual- Polish (£13)
Parent manual- Punbjabi (£13)
Parent manual- Somali (£13)
Parent manual- Spanish (£13)
Parent manual- Tamil (£13)
Parent manual- Turkish (£13)
Parent manual- Urdu (£13)
Parent manual- Easy words and pictures (£20)
Parent manual- Large print (Times New Roman 18) (£20)
Programme delivery CD (£10)
Parent Video Diaries DVD (£10)
Parent to Parent DVD (£10)
Views of Children and Young People DVD (£10)
A1 delivery posters x 3 (£30)
A3 recruitment posters x 4 (£5)
SFSC bag (£10)
QA and Fidelity Package (£500)
See information in section above.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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