In-Kind Donation Application
Thank you for donating to the Stokes Nature Center! Please fill out the information below so our staff will understand how to best use your donation in advancing our mission. If you are donating multiple items, please group related-use items together on the same form. For items not intended to be used together, please fill out separate forms for each.
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If no, which category best describes your item?
If your item is an exhibit or museum collection item, does it coincide with the Northern Utah ecoregion?
In order to make best use of your donation we need to know as much about it as possible. Please appropriately describe your item, how you acquired it, its expected use-life, intended use, and any other relevant information. *
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Will your item require any maintenance or upkeep? *
If yes, please describe what maintenance or upkeep will be required.
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Please provide your contact information below so our staff will be able to contact you about whether or not we will be able to accept your donation at this time.
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