Bethesda Directory Form
Bethesda will be updating the office's directory. If Bethesda is your home church and you would like to be in our directory, please fill out this form by Sunday, November 22nd. We will only print the information you choose to provide. You will receive a personal mail slot at the church, you will be included in our email/mailing list and our "One Call" phone messaging system and emails so we can keep you informed of upcoming events and special services.
Please fill out this form even if you have done so for a previous year's directory. Directories will not be given out unless requested.
Email address *
First and Last Name *
Spouses Name
Children's Names (Living at home and under the age of 18)
If you have children in student ministries please add their Birthday, and any allergies they may have so we can update your check in's profile. Children's personal information will not be in the directory and is for internal purposes only.
Mailing Address *
City, State, And Zip Code *
Phone Number *
You may add multiple numbers in this area.
Which phone number would you like on our One Call phone system?
Our One Call system is used weekly to keep you informed on church life (events, cancellations, special services, etc.). You can opt out at anytime.
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