Service Project Proposal Form for Schenectady Rotary Club
Please complete this form if a) you are a representative of a community agency in Schenectady, NY, who seeks the assistance of the Schenectady Rotary Club to complete a community service project, or b) if you are a member of the Schenectady Rotary Club who has an idea for a community service project.  

Schenectady Rotary Club Service Representatives 2022-2023:
Nicholas Clay (President)
Jim Salengo (Service Chair)

Any questions please email

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My Name
Name of Organization (if applicable)
My Phone Number
Title of Project (can always change later!)
Why is the project being undertaken? Describe an opportunity or problem that the project is to address. Example: "I work at a small community mental heath agency and one issue I have noticed is that a lot of my clients need coats for the winter."
Should be specific and measurable. Examples: "I want to ensure that anyone who obtains services at my agency is able to get a coat for the winter. A secondary objective might be to provide consumers who don't have access to a washing machine a stipend for the laundromat to wash their current winter wear. A tertiary objective might be to provide gloves, hats, and scarves for anyone who does not have access to these items."
Scope of Project
What will be the end result of the project? Example: "What we hope to accomplish is to ensure that all eligible individuals serviced by my agency have access to adequate winter wear. Around 20-30 individuals have been identified who need adequate winter wear, and we have already obtained their size information."
Include: a. All phases of project, b. Description of work for each phase, and c. Start and end dates of each phase. Example: "Phase One - We need volunteers to spread the word about this project on social media. The prospective dates for this would be from August 1, 2022, to September 30, 2022."
Project Budget
Provide: a. Description of work and anticipated cost for each phase listed above, b. Total project budget, and c. Any funds being requested from the Rotary Club of Schenectady. Examples: "In order to spread the word about this project on social media, we do not have any anticipated costs." "Collection of clothing items - we are using our agency van, we require at least 2 tanks of gas to complete this project, at $50 per fill-up, for a total of $100. Collecting for the washing fund should not incur any costs." "In total, the estimated budget for this project will be $175, not counting donations of at least $150 that we are soliciting for the coat washing fund. Our current funding sources will not cover this entire project, and we are seeking $175 of funding from the Rotary Club of Schenectady."
Key Stakeholders
Please list the following (where applicable): a. Project client, b. Project sponsor (e.g. Rotarian), c. Project manager (e.g. agency representative or Rotarian).
Monitoring and Evaluation of Project
Describe how progress will be evaluated throughout and at the end of the project. Formulate clear indicators for objectives and results. Example: "Nora No-name will be in charge of monitoring the project's progress. She has created a spreadsheet of the individuals to be served by this project, and has their coat sizing information and color preferences. She will coordinate the volunteer efforts and also be the one who checks the agency Venmo account for donations to the washing fund. She will maintain a running count of the following information: a) coats that have been received to the agency, and tracking the fulfillment of the requested coats to the corresponding clients, b) donors of coats and funds for the purposes of sending a thank-you letter and tax write-off information, c) coat requests that have remained unfulfilled, so that if needed we can use donations above the $150 for purchasing coats that meet these clients' needs, and d) individuals who will be served by the washing fund and whether they have received their funds."
Please Describe Any Other Details of Your Project
Who will be the beneficiaries of this project?
What it is that you need from Schenectady Rotary Club?
In typing my name below, I attest that the information I am submitting on this form is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I am aware that submitting this form is a REQUEST and not a guarantee of funding or collaboration with the Schenectady Rotary Club.
Project Review Process
The Schenectady Rotary Service Committee meets once per month to review submissions to this form and identify if projects submitted are compatible with the mission, scope, and goals of the Schenectady Rotary Club.

This form is not to be used for emergent situations, as we do not have the capability to provide support for crisis projects. Requests for funding must have at a minimum a one-month lead time, ideally 2-3 months, as we require collaboration with the Service Committee and the Community Grants Committee.

Volunteer requests are a bit less intensive to fulfill. Please let us know with a separate email to if you have a need for volunteers in a proposed timeframe of less than one month from the date of submission. We cannot guarantee that our membership will be able to meet your needs, but we will try!

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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