The Mentoring Scheme (GCSE) - Become a mentor
Become a 6th form age mentor to support GCSE students.

With the whole of the UK in lockdown, GCSE students (y10s and the y11s that may decide to sit their exams asap) aren’t going to be able to get full teacher support, and many may find themselves having to self-teach large portions of content. Furthermore, peer to peer support is proven to have so many benefits.

Therefore, we are setting up an online mentoring scheme for 6th form mentors to provide younger students not just with academic support, but study/revision tips, general advice on choosing a levels/uni advice/careers advice.

Some benefits of becoming a mentor include:
-reinforcing and refreshing your own knowledge in your specialist field
-improving your coaching and development skills
-increased confidence in your capabilities
-the motivation high of helping someone else accomplish something
- and, of course a great addition to your cv

If you're in Y12/Y13 or equivalent, and you would like to help, please fill out this survey, and we wil be in touch soon.

If you have any questions, concerns or thoughts, please don't hesitate to email
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The Mentoring Scheme will aim to pair you with a mentee who shares similarities with you with regards to subjects, future plans and wider interests. However, this may not always be possible. Additionally, in order to make better pairings, we require a larger mentor base than we have mentees. Unfortunately, this may mean you don't get paired with a mentor right away. We're sorry if this happens to you. *
When signing up, you will be emailed a consent form, which exists for safeguarding purposes. The Mentoring Scheme reserves the right to dismiss a mentor/mentee if you are believed to have broken any of these terms. You must sign and return this in order to participate *
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