Legal Advice & Counseling Application: Employment
We may be able to provide free legal advice or help for the following employment-related issues. Gender discrimination in the workplace can look like:
- Sexual harassment/assault or other gender-based harassment by another employee, supervisor, contractor (i.e. delivery person), or client. (Gender-based harassment includes behavior that targets LGBTQI+ individuals.)
-Unequal pay or promotion related to gender identity, including unequal opportunities or misclassification that results in unequal pay or promotion.
-Pregnancy and parenting discrimination.

If you’re facing gender discrimination at school, please fill out the Education Application form instead, available on our website (, in the purple Legal Advice bar at the bottom of the page.

Please use this form to tell us about your legal question or issue. Equal Rights Advocates will review the information you provide and respond to you by email or phone. We cannot guarantee a response within 2 business days. If there are any urgent (i.e. time sensitive) issues in your case/matter, you should not wait for us to respond before taking action.

Please fill out all questions completely; if you don't, it may take us longer to get back to you. Using this form is the fastest way to receive a response from ERA. If you leave a voicemail instead, it may take us longer to respond .

Everything you tell us below is confidential.
Anything you write in the form below is confidential and protected by attorney-client privilege. We won’t share the information you provide with anyone outside our organization without your express, written consent. We will only use your name and contact information to get in touch with you, and to ensure no legal conflicts of interest exist.

Important note: We will not receive your form unless you fill out every section of the form and press the Submit button. There are 2 short sections to fill out. This form should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and must be completed in a single session. Do NOT click the "back" button on your browser, or we may not receive your completed form. (But you may click the back button on the form itself.)

We will not receive your form unless you have filled out every page of the form and pressed Submit.

If you have technical issues completing the form, please contact us at or 415.471.1472.
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If you selected "friend or family member" above, please read the following: (If you are a parent or guardian who is filling out this form on behalf of a minor, the below message does not apply to you.) If you are filling out this form on behalf of an adult friend or family member: We can only provide legal advice to the person who is experiencing the issue. If you are seeking legal advice on behalf of a family member or friend who is experiencing gender-based discrimination at work, please have the person experiencing the problem fill out this form. If you are seeking legal information, please see our Know Your Rights materials, available on our website (, in the purple Legal Advice bar at the bottom of the page.
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