Third Eye Innovation Driving Habits Survey

This is a survey meant to examine your driving habits regarding the blind spot so that we can better customize our product to meet our potential customers' needs. Your responses will remain completely confidential, so please respond as honestly as possible.

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Driving Habits
This section is meant to examine your driving habits with regards to the blind spot. The blind spot is the area around your car which cannot be directly observed while you are driving, looking straight ahead at the road or at your side-view mirrors. In the image below, the green car is visible to the driver but the red car is in the driver's blind spot. In the image below, the yellow areas represent the driver's visibility. As you can see, the driver is unable to see the red car by looking in the side-view mirrors, but he or she is able to easily see the green car. Therefore, the red car is in the driver's blind spot.
The blind spot is a problem for the modern driver. *
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Has another driver ever turned into your lane because you were in their blind spot? (See image) *
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Have you ever turned into another driver's lane because you could not see that the other car was there? (See image above) *
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Our Product
Our product will allow for customers to install innovative Blind Spot safety technology into their vehicles. A camera will project what is in the road of a vehicle's blindspot onto their windshield without impairing their vision. The camera will be embedded into the sideview mirror as shown below, and the projection will appear on the inside of the windshield. This will relieve a driver from the worry of getting into a crash with a vehicle they did not even know was there.

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We are currently developing a possible arrangement with multiple insurance companies. This arrangement would allow buyers of our product to earn discounts on their car insurance premiums. Based upon this arrangement, how likely now are you to purchase our product? *
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