Fall 2019 Apparel Manufacturing Boot Camp Registration (Coats for kids)
Pre-production phase July 4-7, 2019, 8:00 AM -5:00 PM
Production phase: August 30- Sept 2, 2019 7:30* AM -5:00 PM (arrive at 7 AM on Friday Aug 30th)
Event Address: 410 Old Coors Dr SW, Albuquerque NM 87121
Contact us at (505) 877-1713 or factory@abqfi.org
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Now for an odd question -how tall are you? We want to know if we need to adjust machines for more, taller people. *
Which session? If you register for Pre-production, you are automatically enrolled in Production too. If you select Pre-Production but it is full, you are included for Production. *
Pre-Production sign ups: Do you have a technical illustration program like Illustrator, Inkscape, Gimp, Corel Draw, Sketch etc, loaded on a lap top that you can bring to boot camp?
Pre-Production only: Select the highest level of your illustration experience using programs such as Illustrator etc.
Clear selection
How many years have you been sewing using a home sewing machine? *
How many years have you sewn on an industrial machine? *
Lack of experience will NOT affect whether you are accepted but we need an accurate picture of training and coaching needs. Misunderstanding a question may lead to a misleading answer.Misleading answers can suggest you are exaggerating your credentials and experience. Exaggeration of your skills CAN adversely affect your acceptance. Be sure to READ EACH QUESTION CAREFULLY. For example, when asked how quickly you sew (0 being no experience and 7 being someone who has sewn 8 hours a day in a factory for 10+ years) and you give yourself a high score (4+) because you are the fastest sewer you know -and you have no skilled tradesmen to compare yourself with- your response could be interpreted as exaggeration.
Please rate your industrial sewing skills. Industrial sewing skills are a measure of experience using industrial sewing patterns. If you have only used home patterns, select 1. If you have sewn patterns you made on the basis of enrollment in an accredited program, select 2. You'll get a chance to explain your experience later on. *
No industrial experience
25+ years of industrial experience.
What are the most common seam allowances used in industrial sewing? *
If you've used an industrial machine, which kinds? *
Have you tried any of these industrial sewing tutorials (http://fashion-incubator.com/tutorials/)? If so, which ones? How did these work out for you? *
How quickly do you sew? If you're not sure, a "4" sewed 90 welt pockets in 2.5 hours at the first boot camp -and in no particular hurry. Using pins is not a crime but if you use them habitually, your maximum score is 3. If you've only or mostly used home machines, your maximum score is 3. 98% of past attendees score between 1-3 and we've successfully trained them. *
Not very
Factory stitcher, 20+ years
Rate your industrial cutting skills using a knife. 99.9% of boot campers score 0. If you have only cut at a previous boot camp, your score is 0. Be honest; anyone who scores 1+ gets a phone call for clarification. *
Captionless Image
Little to no experience.
5+ years of factory experience.
Have you read a book called The Entrepreneur's Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing? This book, along with links to be supplied later, is required reading. *
Tell us a bit about yourself; your education, background, experience, interests and future plans. *
Lunches are catered. We can't guarantee your dietary needs will be met but this is a start. *
In submitting your application you agree to the following:
You understand that this is not a workshop, seminar or symposium event with break out sessions, round table discussions and networking coffee breaks. You are signing up for a hands on production experience in a real sewing factory where you may be on your feet much of the day, manufacturing a product that we will donate to charity. You may even get dirty or damage your clothing.

You understand that we do not guarantee you will be trained on tasks that interest you as our primary objective is to manufacture products to donate to charity.

You agree to perform assigned duties even though these may not be your first, second or heaven forbid, even your third choice. We will try to place you in roles you enjoy and feel challenged in because we will get the best of you but this is not always possible. Please try to understand that we are unhappy too if we can't please you.

You agree that any work materials, forms or other intellectual property used in the administration and operations of this event is not to be removed from the facility, nor to be photographed, reproduced, or described in any way nor by any means.

You understand that this event is not an opportunity for a free stealthy consultation. This factory is owned by Apparel Technical Services, which as a for profit business, is happy to arrange consultation with you on a fee paid basis.

You agree to limit your interest and inspection to the events at hand. This is a real factory; we set our customer's work and materials aside but it is not always possible to put everything under wraps and away from prying eyes. In part, this includes machines, equipment, tools, materials, patterns, samples, books and other work materials that have no bearing on the event. If in doubt, ask if you can take a closer look at something.

You agree to complete the reading assignments and any other requested preparation ahead of time. The reading assignment will be sent after April 26, 2019. You will take a short quiz on the first day day because we need to measure your retention, ability to follow instructions (failure to do so is very dangerous in a factory) and to demonstrate your willingness to invest in this process as much as we will invest in you. The quiz is not difficult so if it is apparent that one has not prepared ahead of time, this will affect your work assignment as you'll need remedial training before you can be assigned tasks.

You agree to read and follow the dress code (https://abqfi.org/about/dress-code-policies-and-supply-list/). If the dictates of your faith conflict with our dress code, call to inform us. Otherwise, please do not put us in the embarrassing position of not allowing you in the factory. Please do not leave it up to us to ask you to remove personal accessories (like facial piercings or dangling earrings) or request that you take a shower (we have one on site). All of this unpleasantness can be avoided by reading the dress code and following its instructions.
If you win a slot in the registration lottery, you'll be sent an invoice for the event fees of which a non-refundable $50 deposit must be paid by 5 PM (MST) on April 26, 2019 to guarantee your slot. Although this is a not for profit charity event hosted by a 501c3 charitable organization, we collect a fee to offset event expenses and materials used in the making of this product.

If you're registered for Pre-Production, the balance of the invoice is due by May 15, 2019.
If you're registered for Production, the balance of the invoice is due by July 15, 2019.
Should you need to cancel, we cannot guarantee a full refund if less than 6 weeks before the event. If we are successful in filling your slot, we will refund 75% of monies paid less the $50 application fee.

Your fee (less the cost of lunches) is tax deductible. Our tax ID is printed on the invoice.
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