Supply Money Reimbursement Survey
In our CTU 2019 contract settlement, we won additional assurances in Contract Article 7-6 Supply Money that CPS would err on the side of accepting all reasonable requests for reimbursement toward the $250 spending max. And as a result of the COVID-19 school closure this spring, educators have had to make additional unexpected purchases in order to engage students in remote learning.

CTU leadership and staff subsequently have proposed repeatedly in bargaining contexts that CPS increase the maximum spending cap on a one time basis to accommodate unexpected additional supply needs and to increase the flexibility of what kind of reimbursements are acceptable. Thus far, CPS has rejected both an increase in the available supply money funds and seemingly has been rejecting reasonable requests for reimbursement. We are preparing to file a grievance and need information from you about your experience with supply money reimbursements.
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4. Please briefly describe what kind of supplies you purchased specifically due to the COVID-19 school closure (March-June 2020):
5. Have you submitted a request or requests for supply money reimbursement this SY 19-20? *
6. If you selected yes, that you have requested reimbursement, was your reimbursement approved?
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7. When did you submit the request for reimbursement?
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8. If your request for reimbursement was APPROVED, please briefly describe the type of supplies that were approved for reimbursement.
9. If your request for reimbursement was REJECTED, please briefly describe the type of supplies that were rejected for reimbursement.
10. Have you spent more than $250 this year on school supplies/work expenses? If so, how much more?” *
11. If you spent more than $250 this school year, was the amount you spent specifically increased compared to a typical school year because of the COVID-19 closure?
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12. Anything else you'd like to share with CTU leadership and staff in terms of the reimbursement process or your supply needs this SY 19-20?
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