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For visual artists we require either a link to online portfolio here (preferred) or portfolio emailed to us as an attachment. You can insert multiple links here. For organizations, projects and workgroups, please provide a link to your home page or other resources about you.
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Please state the months you are certain to be able to come and those you are not. If you have preference for a certain period, mark it as preferred. You can elaborate these wishes in your Work Plan. Please note that although we'd like to give everyone their preferred timeslot, this is often not possible. Having more flexibility in your schedule will increase your chances.
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Families with children, as well as workgroups always get a whole apartment for themselves. For individuals we might use a shared apartment (with one private room for each artist). Please state here if it's ok for you to share the apartment. If not, you can elaborate your wish in your work plan.
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