Challenging Racism: Learning to Lead 2019
Challenging Racism: Learning to Lead is an intense 5-day facilitation training program that builds on Challenging Racism’s core program, Challenging Racism: Learning How, to provide enhanced, extended practice of facilitation skills and devices that can be used to create safe spaces for difficult conversations in any setting.

The training prepares graduates of Challenging Racism: Learning to Lead to organize and facilitate informal, entry-level discussions on race, racism and privilege in their workspaces and communities, with their children and families. It also is a prerequisite for those who are interested in applying to advance along Challenging Racism’s training path to learn how to facilitate Challenging Racism’s Learning How curriculum and to become Challenging Racism facilitators.

5 Days of training, 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

* Monday, July 8
* Tuesday, July 9
* Wednesday, July 10
* Thursday, July 11
* Friday, July 12

Application Deadline - Friday, June 14, 2019
Late applications will be considered on a space-available basis.

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Describe your familiarity with conversations on race, second language, immigration, and the achievement gaps, through life experiences, in your workplace, or with experiences of other kinds. If you took a Challenge Racism: Learning How workshop, APCYF Let's Talk About Race, or APS teacher training, please include the year and location of your group.
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If applicable, which schools will your children attend and/or where will you teach or work next year (school or APS department)? If you are not sure, please share what you can (ex. waiting to hear from Kenmore, otherwise Jefferson).
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Partial tuition scholarships and/or assistance for childcare, travel or other out-of-pocket costs may be available upon request. Challenging Racism will also accept training dollars directly from employers. Past participating employers include Arlington Public Schools, NASA, GAO and the Patent Office.
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