Dear coordinators, please take some time to complete this form and submit it. Thank you! Iunie 2016
To what extent did you get involved in the project?
Are you satisfied with the chosen themes and the quality of activities you have fulfilled during the first year of the project?
If you could choose again, would you choose other topics or methods of projectwork?
In your opinion, have you improved your communication skills and competences in English?
By working on this project, have you acquired some new ICT skills or improved the existing ones?
Please indicate the ICT skills that you have acquired or improved during the first year of the project? (more than one answer is possible).
Do the products made by you and the students involved in the project reflect the theme of the project?
Have you improved your knowledge about culture of the countries involved in the project?
Are you still interested in taking part in the project?
Please list some activities you carried out with your students in the project.
Your answer
Please mention the legends that you and your students worked on during the first year project activities.
Your answer
How did you disseminate the activities that you carried out within the project?
Your answer
What kind of outputs have you created? More than one answer is possible.
Have you got any suggestions how to improve our project?
Your answer
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