Seagrams IV 2017 (University of Waterloo Pro-Am)
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This tournament will take place from February 3-5, 2017. The Sunday is reserved for quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals. Debaters/judges who are not part of these rounds are welcome to only attend the 6 rounds on Friday and Saturday. It is a pro-am tournament which means that a new debater will be paired with an experienced debater; novice-novice teams are still allowed.

Note that the style of this tournament is CP style with gov-tell which means that motions should be prepared by Gov. teams beforehand, motions will still be provided if you don't have any but bringing your own is highly encouraged. Gov teams are also mandated to tell their opp teams the motion they plan to run 15 minutes before the debate begins.

Debater Fee: $65 (5 meals, 6 rounds of debate, and accommodations if necessary)
Judge Fee: $45
Fees payable by cash (preferred) or cheque. Please bring your cash/cheque to any of the execs as soon as possible.


Friday, February 3
4:30 pm: Registration/ Dinner
6:00 pm: Round 1 Pairings
7:15 pm: Round 2 Pairings
9:30 pm: Social TBD

Saturday, February 4
9:00 am: Registration and Breakfast
10:00 am: Round 3 Pairings
11:30 am: Lunch and Seminars
1:00 pm: Round 4 Pairings
2:30 pm: Round 5 Pairings
4:00 pm: Round 6 Pairings
7:00 pm: Social TBD + Break Announcement

Sunday February 5
9:00 am: Breakfast
9:30 am: Quarters
11:00 pm: Lunch
12:00 pm: Semis
1:30 pm: Finals
3:00 pm: Speaker and Team Awards

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