r/GlobalOffensive Banner Submission
For all of the info and additional details, please read over our archived Banner Submission thread here: https://redd.it/75xmvb
Banner Requirements
The ideal size of the banner is 1920px wide (or wider), and 174px tall. Try to keep it as close to 174px tall as possible to guarantee maximum visibility and compatibility. If your banner is wider than 1920px, then it may also be taller than 174px, as long as the proportions remain equal to 1920x174.

The submission file must be less than 500 KB!!! We cannot upload banners larger than this limit.

If you are submitting an Imgur link, you will need to make sure you have enabled high quality uploads by going to your Imgur settings, and enabling "Upload images in high quality". This will ensure that Imgur doesn't compress the image.

Please do not overlay the Snoo, the CS:GO logo or the notices. Those are separate images we put on top of all banners as links.
What happens if my banner is selected?
Bragging rights and an optional special flair in case your design ends up being featured, not to mention your banner will be seen by millions of people!

We will notify you to let you know your banner has been selected. If you'd like to receive the special flair, simply let us know in response to the notification!
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