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"Let's Connect and Create" is a series of 3 fun, creative activities YOU can do right at home! They will take place LIVE! on Zoom in January, February, and March, and will be hosted by the Power Staff and Coordinators of Self Advocates United as 1.

You will be part of the action! We will mail you free supplies so you can do the activity right along with your hosts on Zoom!

Please use this form to sign up. You may sign up for Let's Make Art and Music, Let's Plant and Grow, or both using this same form.

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Don't miss out! We only have 40 supply packs for each event, so send in your form as soon as you can!
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Let's Make Art and Music! with William, Derek and Angie - February 28, 2022 at 1:00 PM
First, William will show you how you can create your own art on a simple piece of white cardboard. (We'll even send you some markers and stickers to use!) Next, you will fold your artwork to make a box and put dried beans inside to create a musical shaker. Then you'll shake your shaker box to lay down the beat for Derek and Angie as they sing and play guitar! We'll send Velcro straps to keep your shaker box closed and attach it to your hand or arm if you want to.
Let's Plant and Grow! with Christine and Gabriel - March 30, 2022 at 4:00 PM
Start your own mini flower garden! You will get special seed paper handmade by Coordinator Angie plus soil and a fabric "grow bag" to plant in. Christine and Gabriel will show you how!
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