Application to Transform with Tegan Jenna
Hello & welcome to the first step toward discovering calm & relaxation, so you can activate abundant energy. I'm so happy that you are here. Please fill out your information below so that I can learn a little about you. This application is for a customised program to be determined after a compatibility call. Inclusions may be: Naturopathic Appointments + Treatment Plans, Breathwork Appointments, Subconscious Recoding/Hypnotherapy Appointments, Voxer chat for Q&A (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm AEST).
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During our time together, I will create a tailored transformational healing container for you. We will identify and progressively treat root cause imbalances within your physical body utilising food, herbal medicines & supplements*, and lifestyle medicine, as well as working through subconscious recoding sessions using hypnotherapy and NLP techniques that will assist you to let go of anything that is currently blocking you, stopping you or holding you back. This will literally transform your world. We will also practice magical breath techniques that will help you to process and let go of unresolved emotions and get you out of fight or flight mode into calm, relaxed, clear and focused. Conscious connected breath helps to move you beyond your mind & connect you with your spirit / core self. It assists you to self-heal, let go of suppressed emotions & traumas that may be stuck in your body, allowing you to feel cleansed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I will also provide you with electronic resources such as PDFs, Video content and MP3 recordings to assist your journey.  The investment will be determined after a compatibility call.*Please note that any prescribed medicines will be posted to you and are not included in the investment (your prescription will be personalised for your unique requirements, and you will receive 15% off RRP on these items).
I understand that completing this form is the first step to my transformation. The next step is a compatibility call. I agree to commit to booking all appointments for my personalised container (as agreed after my compatibility call) before my first appointment and that I will attend all appointments within the allotted time frame. I acknowledge that there may be a difference in time zones and I am prepared to work with this. I understand that if I miss appointments without providing at least 24hrs notice they will be forfeited, and that if I need to reschedule it must be within the same week or I will forfeit that appointment. I agree to commence my container within 2 weeks of payment unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing and that I shall not delay the commencement of my container. I am 100% ready to invest in myself, show up, do the work and move forward ASAP! *
Thank you for completing this application. I can't wait to receive it and connect with you further! I'll reach out to you via email ASAP.
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