DigitalOcean - BHIVE Credit Program
DigitalOcean, the world's 2nd largest cloud hosting provider, now has a datacenter in Bangalore! Trusted by over 725,000 developers globally and with 20MM+ Droplets (virtual servers) spun up across our 13 datacenters, DigitalOcean provides a simple yet powerful cloud infrastructure experience.

DigitalOcean is happy to partner with BHIVE to offer upto $1000 cloud credit to any individual/company subscribing to the monthly desk option at any of BHIVE’s co-working spaces and $15 cloud credit to any individual/company subscribing to the weekly/daily pass options at any of BHIVE’s co-working spaces.

Application Form
Once you submit the application form below, we will validate the information with BHIVE and subject to your meeting the eligibility criteria (outlined in the section below), we will apply the credits to your account.

Prior to filling the form, please note that you are required to create a DigitalOcean account with your official email address and the account details are to be shared below to enable us to apply the credits. You can sign up for a DigitalOcean account @

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Eligibility Requirements to avail the cloud credit
An individual/company must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the DigitalOcean (DO) credit program:

1. The $1000 or $15 credit offer will, subject to DigitalOcean's sole decision, be available to any individual/company who is currently using the co-working space at BHIVE. The credit will have a one-year life-span, expiring beyond that point.
a) An introductory credit of $100 will be provided to any individual/company subscribing to the monthly desk option at any of BHIVE’s co-working spaces.
b) After availing the introductory $100 credit, a top-up credit of $900 will be provided post 6-months to any individual/company who has been using BHIVE’s co-working space & DO’s platform during the entire 6-month period.
c) $15 credit will be provided to any individual/company subscribing to the weekly/daily pass options at any of BHIVE’s co-working spaces.

2. The individual/company cannot be in any business that is competitive to DigitalOcean;

3. In case of a company, the company must be a privately held entity (generally, an entity owned either by a relatively small number of shareholders which does not offer or trade its company stock (shares) to the general public on the stock market exchanges);

4. The individual/company must not generate any duplicate accounts for the credit program (duplicate ac-counts are ineligible and only one account can be granted credit);

5. These credits will be valid only for those individuals/companies who have not availed DigitalOcean credits earlier through any other program/channels;

6. Only one promotional credit may be applied to the individual/company's account and the company cannot utilize multiple credits even if the company uses multiple accounts.

7. The individual/company must provide accurate and correct information about itself and ensure that information remains accurate and is kept an up-to-date;

8. Verification of eligibility includes DigitalOcean successfully matching the email on file with DigitalOcean for the individual/company to that of the individual/company's official email in BHIVE's records. For the top-up credit, verification of eligibility includes successfully matching the tenure of the individual/company using the co-working space as per BHIVE’s records;

9 DigitalOcean reserves the right to modify and/or waive the Eligibility Requirements for any party, at DigitalOcean's complete and sole discretion. DigitalOcean also reserves the right to reassess and modify the program at any point in time.

For clarity, DO retains full discretion to assess whether a given application submitted by the individual/company satisfies this Agreement and/or the Eligibility Requirements. The list above is provided purely for purposes of explanation, is not exhaustive, and will not be considered binding or otherwise interpreted to limit DigitalOcean’s rights to determine the eligibility of a given individual/company.

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