New York State Advocacy for 90 Day Bill
Are you or your group interested in advocating in Albany during the 2016 Spring session for the 90 day bills that are in both the Assembly and State Senate? Please let us know and in what capacity, we will keep in touch via email!
In what capacity are you interested in advocating for the bill? *
Making phone calls to elected officials to advocate for the bills.
Writing letters to advocate for the bills.
Taking a trip with Truth Pharm to Albany to advocate for the bills.
Take a trip on my own to Albany to advocate for the bills.
Creating our own advocacy agenda and going to Albany to advocate for the bills.
Where did you come across this survey? Please be specific - if emailed to you, from whom. If found on a facebook page or group, which one? If found online, where?: *
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What is your connection to the opioid epidemic? *
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Your location, please include city, town and county: *
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Your email address so we can stay in touch:
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Anything else?
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Optional Question: To have the greatest impact on this epidemic, we need:
Strongly disagree
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Less stigma.
Easier access to treatment.
More law enforcement.
Stricter drug related penalties.
Earlier prevention education in schools.
To punish unethical prescribers.
Stricter controls on pharmaceutical industries.
Same day treatment options.
Longer term treatment options.
To have physicians better educated in prescribing practices and addiction.
Our law makers and politicians to better recognize this is a crisis.
Restrictions on the prescribing of narcotic painkillers.
Education for families and persons addicted regarding harm reduction
Broader access to syringe exchanges
Broader access to Naloxone
Would you like to meet Truth Pharm in Albany to support their advocacy agenda on any of these days? *
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May 11
May 24
June 2
June 14
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