SIR Medical Student Council Application (2018-2019)
***UPDATE*** (April 3, 2018) - Thank you for your interest for the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) Medical Student Council (MSC). Applications for SIR MSC is CLOSED, and applications received after March 31, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST will only be considered for the Medical Student Reserves (MSR) or RFS Service Lines. Applicants who have submitted an application before March 31, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST will receive correspondence on May 1, 2018. If you have any questions, please direct them to

Applications for the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) Medical Student Council (MSC) for the 2018-2019 cycle are due by Saturday, March 31st at 11:59 PM, EST. Thereafter, although applications for the MSC will be closed, you may still apply to join MSR or an RFS Service Line. Please note that there is no way to save this form. Thus, you may wish to copy the questions into a Word or Pages document, answer the questions in that file, and then paste them into the form. Please e-mail the MSC at with any questions.

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If you answered, "Other," for your medical school, please type your institution's full title here (e.g. Yale School of Medicine, not Yale).
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If your school only has a RIG or no IRIG, why do you think might be the reasoning behind that?
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Prior Leadership Experience
For the next question, we're trying to get a sense of what you might be capable of as a member in MSC. While it is acceptable to mention your titles, it's much more helpful if you describe specifically what you did. For example, you could tell me that you were the director of a dance company during your senior year of college. However, it's much more informative to know that you managed the funding for the company, organized three recitals, choreographed and costumed a dance in each recital, and donated the proceeds from the final recital--over $800--to benefit your local women's shelter.
Please provide information about your radiology leadership experiences. *
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Please specify any skills and attributions related to your previous leadership position (e.g. coding if you were interested in being a webmaster, writing if you were interested in the PR committee). *
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MSC Committees
The SIR MSC is comprised of six committees.

Biodesign Committee: The goal of Biodesign is to provide resources for medical trainees interested in learning about the biodesign process, how to implement biodesign in interventional radiology (and medicine in general), and how to take their innovative ideas to market.

Education: Education both creates and increases access to resources that educate interested medical students about the technical and clinical aspects of the practice and training of Interventional Radiologists via multimedia, article posts, and (expanding) to podcasts.

IR Interest Group (IRIG): IRIG promotes medical student interest and involvement in the field of interventional radiology by supporting the activities of local IRIGs. Its progress is managed by maintaining and updating an IRIG database, as well as updating guidebooks to help IGs succeed.

Patient & Family Centered Care (PFCC): PFCC seeks to provide patients, and their families, with the knowledge they need to better understand Interventional Radiology as a medical specialty and to become comfortable with their own specific procedures via patient interviews, disease narratives, ethical cases of patient perspectives, and patient-focused webinars.

PR & Communications: PR & Communications provides useful, educational and exciting content that serves to inform and attract medical students to the field of interventional radiology via social media, blog posts, and by advertising upcoming content via the medical student listserv.

Research: Research provide resources to teach trainees how to read the literature and to participate in research, allowing them to understand the future direction of IR and more importantly contribute to it.

You can see the efforts of our committees on our website: and are encouraged to familiarize yourself with some of the projects before proceeding.

Please propose an idea for expanding current projects for at least two of the committees below. Note that a single, thoughtful project idea is better than a large, vague list of ideas. Ideally, your ideas would be for the committees you were most interested in joining. You can also choose to answer a question by demonstrating how you would develop and complete a project idea in a prospective committee.

Please propose how you would expand on a project idea for the Biodesign & Innovation Committee.
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Please propose how you would expand on a project idea for the Education Committee.
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Please propose how you would expand on a project idea for the IRIG Committee.
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Please propose how you would expand on a project idea for the Patient & Family Centered Care Committee.
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Please propose how you would expand on a project idea for the PR & Communications Committee.
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Please propose how you would expand on a project idea for the Research Committee.
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While not a formal committee, MSC does actively recruit students experienced in web design as webmaster. If interested, please propose how you would expand on the website.
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Please indicate your preferred committee assignment. (closed for 2018-2019 cycle)
Not interested.
Biodesign & Innovation
Patient & Family Centered Care
PR & Communications
Medical Student Reserves
Effective for 2018 and as a response for the growth of SIR's Medical Student Council, the council is creating a Medical Student Reserve section. This section is designed for applicants interested in working with the council on short term projects in the event we cannot select the applicants for the council to serve a year-long term.
Are you interested in being considered for MSR? *
RFS service lines
Please note that the Medical Student Council will be selecting approximately 30 new members this year. However, the SIR Residents and Fellows Service Lines are also looking for students to help out. You may read more about the service lines here: Please indicate which, if any, service lines you would be interested in joining below. In the event that you are not selected to join MSC or MSR, we will connect you with the appropriate service line chairs based on availability.
Which RFS Service Lines would you be interested in joining? *
#1 Choice
Preferred (Top 3 Choice)
Intrigued (Middle 3 Choice)
Interested (Lower 3 Choice)
Not interested.
GI, GU, & Reproductive Interventions
ICU Service Line
Interventional Oncology
Neurointerventional Radiology
Pain Management
Pediatric IR
Research Advisory Committee
Vascular Disease
Women in IR
I am already on a service line, and I would like to stay on my current service line if not selected for MSC or MSR.
I am already on a service line, but would like to switch to another service line (indicated above).
Thank you for your interest in the SIR MSC!
We look forward to reading your application. All applications submitted before March 31, 2018 will receive a response by MAY 1, 2018.

In the interim, we encourage students to get involved with IR locally, participating or being part of leadership with their school's IRIG or RIG, or partaking in the development of a local or regional IR symposium. Resources for creating an IRIG or symposium are available under the medical student section on our website - If you have any further questions, you may email us at

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