PolySwarm Micro Engine Grant Program (Phase 1)
Thanks for taking a look at PolySwarm's micro-engine grant program. Our aim is to fund great ideas for micro-engines and kick start the PolySwarm ecosystem.

You can find out more about the design and thought behind PolySwarm here:

Also, checkout polyswarmd which most micro-engines will use to communicate with the marketplace:

Want an example of a micro engine?

Questions? Get in touch at:


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The Idea
Tell us about your micro-engine idea and how we can help you get it built.
What do you want to build? *
Will your micro-engine focus on a specific file type or malware family? *
How will your micro-engine detect malware in files and/or URLs? Don't be afraid to get technical. We can hang. *
Do you have a technical paper you can share?
Time and Money
Tell us how much funding and how much time this idea requires to get a micro-engine on PolySwarm. We'll work with projects on a case-by-case basis to establish payment and milestone schedules.
What is the cost in US dollars? *
When do you expect to have a prototype? *
How long with the project take? *
Developer Creds
Tell us all something about your development experience. Be immodest!
Provide links to Github or any other code you've worked on. *
PolySwarm is language agnostic, but we're curious about how you plan to build your micro-engine. What language(s) do you plan on developing in? *
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