CBHS Summer School 2017 Survey
As a staff we are working on ways to better support students in meeting standards, so we would appreciate your feedback on the following questions.
Please check all that apply for you....
How much homework do you do after 2:30 on a typical night?
How often do you use non-academic time between 8 and 2:30 to successfully complete homework (eg: Acad, lunch and TST)
How often do you attend BK 7's in a typical month?
If you have a job outside of school, how many hours a week to you typically work?
How many PPS summer school courses have you taken?
In the past, when I have not met standards on time in a class, what are the primary reasons from the list below? (Please check up to 3 reasons.)
What school structures have been useful in helping me to meet academic standards? Check ALL that apply.
Which school structures has been MOST useful in helping me to meet academic standards? Identify ONE.
Within a particular course or with a staff member, what is/has been most helpful in facilitating you to meet standards?
Your answer
Has the school or staff members done anything that has gotten in the way of you meeting standards? If so, please explain.
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What advice would you have for the school that would help us to better help students who sometimes struggle to meet standards?
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