Sacramento Mahaperiyavaa Mandali
Sacramento Mahaperiyavaa Mandali ( - Chamber Concerts is a group dedicated to fostering young kids learning Carnatic music and Classical dance, by way of hosting events at Sacramento County Day School / Siddhi Vinayaka Cultural Center (SVCC) for the Greater Sacramento Youths whenever the venue is available. This is a good forum for intermediate and advanced learners as they can relate to the peer performers in a positive environment.

Mahaperiyavaa Mandali plan to organize at least 3 events a year and all members are requested to attend all the events.

There is no membership fee to attend or to perform in our events. However, a small refundable security deposit of$100 will be collected to cover cancellation / damage to the venue from the performers family.

Any member child who is training in Carnatic music (vocal or instrumental) at krithi level or above and for dance, minimum 5 years of learning, can perform under Mahaperiyavaa Mandali banner. The performer should be more than 13 years of age. Maximum age limit will be 33. Organizers choose the slot assignments (duration and month of performance). One should join the group and attend a few concerts organized by Mahaperiyavaa Mandali and other organizations in town before they become eligible to perform and regular attendance to Mahaperiyavaa Mandali concerts/events will make them eligible for subsequent opportunities.

The performers should take care of the accompaniments themselves in case of vocal or instrumental.

Approval from their respective Guru(s) is a must to perform under Sacramento Mahaperiyavaa Mandali Banner.

NOTE: Sacramento Mahaperiyavaa Mandali will announce the Chamber Music/Dance programs once, and only in Facebook, couple of days before the program. No public emails will be sent on behalf of Mandali for the Chamber Music/Dance. It is the responsibility of the parents to invite their friends and families for their children's program. Also, we will not post any pictures of the performers of the Chamber Music/Dance Program anywhere. We will collect the pictures from the parents for our records.

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