Graduate Student Intramural Interest Form - Winter Term (January - March 2019)
You must fill out this form even if you filled out the Fall one. We need to know interest levels to submit appropriate teams each term!

This form is to be used to generate the predicted interest for each sport (including level of competition and gender) in order to submit team entry forms suited to interest levels of our graduate students. An option for summer softball will be listed. We will connect those interested with each other to coordinate making a team! Please note that Winter intramurals start near the beginning of January, with most sports running 5-6 weekly games plus playoffs (should you qualify).

How intramurals work at U of T:
Intramurals are divided into three levels of competition in each sport (less popular sports have one level). In the three-tiered system, Div 1 is competitive (sub-varsity level). Div 2 is more recreational (if you've never played before, try this level!). Open can be a mix of recreational and competitive as students can enter private teams, so the less competitive level is Division 2 most of the time.

How intramurals sign-ups will work:
Fill out this form. Once the teams are confirmed in late November, you will receive an email (at the email you provide) identifying the teams that are available to join on IMLeagues, Intramural's online co-ordinating platform. Signing up for a team on IMLeagues does not mandate 100% attendance, however there will be a 100% expectation that you use the attendance feature on the IMLeagues platform to inform your team representative of your intentions to attend the upcoming game. If there are not enough "Yes" responses for an upcoming game within 2 days of the game, the Coordinator will notify the administration that the team will forfeit the game. Because defaults result in fines to our program, we will forfeit your team's game on your behalf should the attendance function not be used to avoid both the fine and the disappointing for the opponent. There was leniency with this policy in the fall term as not everyone was following it but still attending. This policy will 100% be enforced for the winter term, so make sure you submit your attendance to ensure you don't have games forfeited for you when you're actually going to show up.

The SGS IM Coordinator is responsible for creating IMLeagues teams once the leagues have been finalized (sometimes we won't have space for a team, or a second), so DO NOT CREATE YOUR OWN TEAM ON IMLEAGUES. Wait for an email from the coordinator informing you that all the teams are on the site to sign up for. As well, tournaments are for you to sign up yourself. They are not coordinated through the coordinator. Find tournament info at this site under the "Tournaments" tab.

How to fill out the form:
No sport is mandatory to respond to. We only want you to express interest in a team that you know you will actually go out to for at least 2 games at the listed time. This form will produce flawed data if our interest levels differ greatly from the actual turnouts. The game times are listed to help you ensure that you can actually make games at that slot.

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Email Address you use the most (DO NOT MAKE A TYPO OR YOU WON'T RECEIVE IM INFO) *
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Coed Basketball
Coed Dodgeball
Coed Flag Football
Coed Hockey
Coed Indoor Soccer
Coed Ultimate Frisbee
Coed Volleyball
Coed Innertube Water Polo
Men's Basketball
Men's Cricket
Men's Flag Football
Men's Hockey
Men's Indoor Soccer
Men's Volleyball
Men's Lacrosse
Women's Basketball
Women's Field Hockey
Women's Flag Football
Women's Lacrosse (includes skill sessions)
Women's Hockey
Women's Indoor Soccer
Women's Volleyball
Women's Multi Sport Rec League
Coed Summer Softball interest (weekdays 5pm or 630pm)
Would you like to act as a team leader? As a team lead, you will be responsible for attending a brief meeting at the beginning of the semester to learn the rules of the league and checking in with your teammates on attendance for upcoming games to help avoid defaults. You will be given a team email list ahead of time to help assist you in this process. *
Would you be interested in purchasing a $20-$30 Under Armour SGS intramural t-shirt or pair of shorts, if this was offered to your team? (We are in the process of exploring this option.) *
Would you like to be added to an email list and contacted by other intramural teams who are looking for a player to fill in last minute at one of their games? (This does not apply to the ice hockey league.) *
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