Setting The Table Scholarship Application
Interested in joining our upcoming "Setting the Table: Can a Car-Free Seattle Work For Everyone?" but don't have it in your budget at the moment?? Well The Evergrey, Makers Workspaces, and Voyager's Table would still like you there!! So please fill out this application.

Each month, 10% of our tickets will go to those that are not able to pay for their ticket. This will be completely anonymous and we are hope to see you there.

If you are selected this month, you will receive an email notification from us one week before the event.
What is your name?
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August's topic is "Can a Car-Free Seattle Work For Everyone?". Why would this be rewarding for you to attend?
Transportation in Seattle is a juicy topic, with so many camps and perspectives. How do you get around Seattle, and what do you passionately advocate for more of?
What type of profession are you in, and what makes you seek sponsorship for this event?
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