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Tuition Rates
$100 an hour
Prorated for those sessions which take less than an hour
Cancellation Fees
$65 fee for a “No Show” session. (No communication from the student or the parent to cancel class and no make-up scheduled).
$30 fee for “Late Cancellation”. (Communication to cancel session NOT provided within 3 hours).
1. Tuition will be processed by the 10th of the month by Academic Solutions. If your student starts mid-month, tuition credits will carry over and be applied to the next month's scheduled sessions. Tuition, after the initial payment, will be processed based on the number of the sessions booked for the calendar month. Any credits generated during that month (missed appointments due to sickness, travel, scheduling issues, etc..) will be applied to the following month.

2. Services are contracted on an as needed basis; please give at least 1 week notice when services are no longer required. Failure to provide sufficient notification will result in a forfeit of any credits accrued and could result in tuition being processed.

3. Cancellations require a minimum of three (3) hour notice via telephone (972-758-1909) or email Less than three (3) hour notice will result in a no show fee (regular tuition rate).

4. A make-up session will be offered if Linda had sufficient notice of the cancellation. Any credits remaining from unused makeup sessions will become void after 3 months past the original session date.

5. No make-up sessions or credits will be applied to a student’s account for forgotten or missed appointments without prior notice.
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