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What is the motivation behind your new logo or rebrand?
Why doesn't this current logo work? What happens if you continue using it?
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What colors do you personally like and dislike?
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Who are 2 logos that you like?
These don't have to be competitors or industry-related....just anything that catches your eye.
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Who are 2 logos that you dislike?
Again, these don't have to be competitors or industry-related....this time just anything you want to avoid style-wise. Please provide links if they are not well known companies.
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What is your preference in reference to icons, typography, spokepeople (characters), etc.?
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Do you know what type of logo do you want?
Are there any specific visual elements or other requirements you'd like us to include in the logo design?
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Do you have a preference in formatting and capitalization for the design itself? Please type exactly as you'd like it displayed.
ie. facebook vs Facebook, Da$hTone vs DASH TONE
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What feeling or message do you want your logo to convey to those who view it?
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How would you like the typography to appear?
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Food for Thought
What do you want your new logo design to say about the company?
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In your opinion, what is the primary purpose for a logo?
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In your opinion, what defines a well-designed logo?
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Why did you reach out to Planted Sky for logo design?
Is there specific work of ours that caught your eye?
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How much are you willing to invest in your logo design and initial branding?
We can do our best to create an identity design that fits your needs, so having a ballpark range helps our planning. This question is specifically for the logo design and branding only. If you're inquiring about web design or other services, we'll get to those numbers later.
How would you prefer to pay for our branding services?
Are there any special events or promotions on which the completion of this design depends?
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If so, what is the absolute deadline?
Do you currently have a website for your company?
Is there anything else we should know about?
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