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As part of our mission to be the everyday app for all, we have partnered with Pusat Pungutan Zakat MAIWP (PPZ) and Lembaga Zakat Selangor (LZS) to make your Zakat contribution easier effective 18 November 2019.

By filling and submitting this form, you are choosing to opt-out of this programme. Do note that your current month earnings will still be deducted for the following month contribution. Your contribution will only ceased the month after. Kindly note that despite your withdrawal of consent by submitting this form, Grab Holdings Inc, its respective subsidiaries, affiliates, associated companies and jointly controlled entities (collectively “Grab”, “we”, “us” or “our”) (and where applicable, PPZ / LZS) may retain your personal data to the extent required by law or their respective policies.
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