PTO Reimbursement Request Form
Please confirm your PTO Committee Chair has approved this expense before submitting it for reimbursement. PTO Board will periodically validate expenses with the respective Committee Chair, and if the Chair is unfamiliar with the expense your reimbursement will most likely be delayed due to PTO policy and good stewardship standard.

Please remember that expenses will not be reimbursed without receipt support or committee classification.

If you have any questions regarding this form or the status of a request, please contact Joe Ring (Treasurer) at Thank you for all that you do for our school and parish!

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PTO Monetary Policies and Procedures document can be accessed at
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If your address does not match the parish or school directory, we may mail the check to the school to be added to your child's folder, which could create a delay in receiving your reimbursement.
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If reimbursement is needed before the standard 14 day reimbursement period, please specify the date by which you need the reimbursement:
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