JCR "overcoming difficulties" submission
Thank you all for your interest in producing a short piece of writing detailing how you have dealt with difficulties during your time at Queens’. Your experiences will help current and future Queens’ students in similar situations! Being such a friendly college is one of Queens’s biggest strengths!!

very vague brief:

Submissions can be as long or short as you like (even a few sentences is fine)
Please include a header - up to you what! Something like this works:
Dealing with x in Queens’
Overcoming y
Coping with z
How I managed to deal with x
Coming out at university
Starting at Queens’ with …
Diagnosed with x
We are trying to be solution-oriented; how did you overcome or deal with issues
If possible, mention how you coped with academic consequences of any problems
Queens’-specifics are much appreciated
These submissions will be posted anonymously in default...
If you are happy to be contacted for advice then include a sentence saying “feel free to reach out to me at …” (remember
@cam emails may be invalid after a year or so)
If you would like to start with “Hi I’m x, and I study y and matriculated in z” you can!

We will be looking to assign searchable tags. If you could include some suggested tags that go with your story to avoid us making assumptions, please do. Example tags below
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FOR EXAMPLE (not limited to)#sleep #nontraditionalbackgrounds #mentalhealth #illness#disability #comingout #discrimination #assaul t#lonelyness #international #eatingdisorder #religion #sex #alcohol #suicidalthoughts #work #intermission #depression#ethnicity #deadlines #dyslexia
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