Organization Incubated Projects Proposal Submission Form for OMG

OMG is currently interested in projects that will help the Occupy movement address three critical areas:

1. Iconic Messaging
Communicating to the general public OWS values of fairness, equality, and justice and what changes to the economic or governmental system are required to achieve them.

Communicating to the general public positive actions that OWS or groups within OWS might be promoting.

Communicating to the general public underlying causes for the problems in our society and advocating actions to address them.

2. Iconic Direct Actions
Direct Actions which involve large groups of activists and or civil disobedience which are designed and chosen strategically and purposefully to communicate core messaging (above), achieve positive media coverage and tell a story that appeals to the mainstream in order to build the movement and gain sympathetic supporters.

Actions should be replicable by many different Occupies around the country.

3. Recruitment projects to build the base locally and nationally

Please Complete the following form to submit your project proposal. Please be concise, complete all required fields, and email (NEED EMAIL ADDRESS) the following information, as attacheement, after you submit the proposal form:

1. Written Proposal (Optional)
2. Budget Spreadsheet (Optional)