E4D Proactive People Survey!!
Okay, wherever you are, whenever you have 10 minutes to spare, E4D NEEDS YOU to start surveying "regular" Indian folks, aged 17 and up ---

- Suitable respondents might be your friends, siblings, parents, cousins, anyone in your extended family, or they might be complete strangers.
- They might work as housekeepers, home makers, shop workers, auto drivers, servers, gardeners, carpenters, petrol station attendants, security guards, pickpockets, cow herders, artists, bloggers, comic book collectors....or they might be unemployed.
- They MUST be Indian residents, have basic literacy in at least one language (any language), and have completed at least through 10th standard.

Brief, fixed interview format:
Your job is to ask the questions, in whatever language appropriate, and enter the person's responses into our form below.

Please survey as VARIED a group of people as possible.

Education for Development | http://e4d.in

- Name?
- Age?
- Gender?
- Place of residence? (neighborhood and city)
- Primary language(s)?
- English Competency?
(Listening&Speaking: none/poor/okay/great; Reading&Writing: none/poor/okay/great)
- Highest school level or degree attained? Year of completion?
- Have you had other formal or non-formal training? If so, please describe.
(e.g., vocational)
- Are you currently employed? Please describe current and/or previous occupation(s).
- Are you married?
- Do you have children? If so, how many? What ages?
- Would you like to pursue additional education? If so, what are your learning goals?
(specific skills? diploma or certification? other?)
- What are your job goals or career ambitions?
(e.g., Ideally, what job would you like to have 5-10 years from now?)
- Including daytime, nighttime, and weekend hours (24/7, completely flexible schedule) --- how many hours per week could you commit to learning and studying?
[OPTIONAL] - Contact information
--- mobile#, emailID --- if wish to be contacted regarding E4D in your area
Name of Interviewer or form-filler?
(if form was filled by someone other than respondent)
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