2019 Grant Application Form for MUSA-affiliated Student Groups
CSGC (or MUSA) Grants are only available to MUSA-affiliated clubs to cover major costs associated with the core business of the club.

A MUSA Grant application is made to the MUSA Clubs & Events Coordinator (CEC), but decided by a committee comprising of three MUSA staff/executive members and 3 Massey staff members.
The CEC prepares the clubs submission and acts as a conduit both before and after the committee meeting to clarify the submission details and explain decisions.

1. There are four CSGC grant rounds per year.
2. Each affiliated club may only apply for three out of the four annual grant rounds.
3. In each funding round, your group may apply for one expense or (set of) item(s) only.
4. Check which category of funding you apply for; different categories carry different percentages of pay-out.
5. Check that your tier (the number of full student members in your club) is accurate, because it too, influences the
amount of pay-out available to your club.
6. Funding is only granted for FUTURE events and purchases.
7. Only students will be funded; staff and non-students must cover their own costs. Travel funds are also not available to
cover the costs of guest speakers/teachers.
8. Grant money will only be transferred to your group's bank account AFTER you have produced receipts of spending AS
WELL AS a brief report (with photos, if possible).
9. Grants must be claimed within three months unless discussed with the CEC.
10. Please make an appointment with the MUSA CEC to discuss details, particularly if you are unsure what you can apply

Grant deadlines for 2019 are: 29 March, 15 May, 25 July and 18 September. Workshops to help you prepare for successful grant applications run 25 March and 29 May, both 6-7 pm in the MUSA Lounge.

Email address *
Your group's name *
Mobile phone number applicant *
Your group's bank account number *
How many paid-up members in your group? *
If member numbers changed since you affiliated, please UPLOAD a spreadsheet with names and student ID #s of your current your members, the upload link is at the end of this form.
Total income from membership fees per year: *
If your group does not charge its members reasonable fees, please explain how you will raise the money needed to pay for the expenses you applied for.
MUSA and the Grants Committee needs to be satisfied that you undertake efforts to raise money yourself, in case funding cannot be granted.
Does your group receive outside funding?
Please list the NAME of your sponsor, HOW MUCH you were sponsored for and if you have any OBLIGATIONS to the sponsor, e.g. branding
What grant category are you applying for? *
What is the grant money for? (e.g. purchase something, have an event, attend a tournament, pay fees, go on a trip...) Describe details here. *
What is the TOTAL amount of money you need? *
The grant will cover up to the appropriate percentage of the full sum you apply for. Do NOT supply the percentage amount you expect!
How are you planning to cover the difference between the grant and the total sum? *
E.g. by selling event tickets/asking for koha/fundraising... Please note: Any money you apply for will only be released after you produce receipts to the Clubs Coordinator (send scanned attachments, please).This can be waived for NEW clubs or in extraordinary circumstances.
Have you applied for funding for your group in the previous 12 months?
Please supply details (what, if you were successful...)
Upload your covering letter explaining how this grants will benefit students. Please DATE the letter and upload with your CLUBS name and round/year as file name! *
Upload quotes/budget documentation for your grant request. Please upload with your CLUBS name, then Quote and round/year as file name! *
Upload additional material (e.g. membership spreadsheet) in support of your grant request
By ticking this box, you confirm that you have read and understood the terms and conditions for applying for a MUSA grant, and that all information supplied is correct and accurate. You also confirm that the group's executive is supportive of your application.
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