Parent Feedback Survey
Please fill out a new survey for each student you have at OE unless they are in the same building. We are looking for constructive feedback to guide our decisions moving forward. Please fill out by Sunday, 10/18/20.
Is your student an MVP (Marauder Virtual Program) or a F2F (face to face) student? *
What building is your child at? (If you have children at more than one building please fill out this survey multiple times) *
What are some things your school is doing that are helping your student learn? *
What challenges are you or your student facing in classes that make it difficult to learn? *
What changes could your school make to help address these challenges? *
What activities have helped your student collaborate with peers, participate in class, and understand the material presented? Check all that apply. *
Do you have any other comments and/or feedback regarding the school year so far?
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