SST General Marketing Request Form
This form is to be used when you would like to request marketing support for a projected or an initiative (e.g. book release, faculty spotlight, alumni spotlight, extracurricular projects, fundraisers, sponsorships, promotions
etc.) that require SST staff support (multi-media marketing, ASU and/or local news coverage, etc.), SST funds and/or involve non-SST/ASU participants.

To ensure your project is fulfilled when requested, please submit 30 days prior to the project release. In the event that you need coverage for breaking news (e.g, an award announcement, scholarship fulfillment, timely academic achievement etc.,) your request will be evaluated, and may be prioritized accordingly.

All marketing requests will be reviewed and approved by the SST Leadership Team. Once the request is reviewed, a meeting will be scheduled (phone, zoom or in-person) to discuss promotional logistics and other details.

If you have questions about this form or the approval process, please email Marjani Hawkins @ and Camilla Fojas @

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files and submit this form.
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