Hardware Donor Registration Form
Do you or your organization have Windows 10 compatible CPU’s, mice, webcams, and/or computer speakers to donate, now OR in the future? Please complete this form.

We take hardware donations by appointment ONLY. Upon submission of this form, our staff will contact you in order of urgency with your donation plans. You will automatically be added to our list to receive Computers for Families donor updates.

***** Donation Requirements *****

Computer equipment that companies or Individuals would like to pass on directly to Computers for Families should generally be no more than five years old, (in most cases) in working condition, with internet-capable (Ethernet – Wireless)
Windows 7 compatible with Windows 10 as a minimum requirement.
Intel Core i3-8100 - 3.6GHz or AMD Ryzen 3 1300X - 3.5GHz as a minimum processor,
120 Gb hard drive or more
4 Gb. memory ram or more
17-inch or larger working flat screen monitors
Mice USB
Keyboards USB
Power Cables
Wireless Keyboards and Mouse ONLY with dongle (USB adapter)
Chromebooks - Chromebase (working conditions)
iPads - Tablets (working conditions)
Apple computers and laptops must be five years old or newer.

Contact us at partners@sbceo.org or 805-964-4710 ext. 4401.
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