Youth Camp 2021 - MFUGE - North Greenville University - June 28-July 3!!!!!
It's time to think about CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!
We are registered for MFUGE at North Greenville University for June 28-July 3.
Camp Pastor: Ronnie Parrott
Worship Leader: Jarod Espy!!

We need a rough headcount by March 14 to update our reservation. We currently have 25 spots reserved.
Deposit = $60/person - due by March 14 if possible - pay in person or online - please designate student/adult going to camp on check/envelope/online payment.
Total cost = $320 (including your deposit) - but the final cost may be subject to change if we can pull off any fund-raisers or try and help off-set the cost.
COVID-19 protocols are in place!
Visit for all the camp details.

Please complete the form below to register for Youth Camp 2021!
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