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Please fill out this Commission form which will be submitted to my email. After I receive it, I will contact you on the same Email address you provide here.
Email *
Please note that the avatar must be based on a photo of YOUR face (or your friend's / family member's face who AGREED to be drawn). *
Commission Guidelines
I, the Artist,

- retain all Copyright over the commissioned artwork,
- reserve the right to post all commissioned SFW and censored light NSFW artworks on my social media profiles,
- will NOT post any heavily NSFW commissioned artworks on my social media profiles,
- will NOT further profit from the commissioned artwork,

You, the Customer, CAN:

- upload the commissioned artwork on any social media profiles or websites as long as my name („tyi.art“) and/or link to my social media accounts is prominently displayed along with the image,
- use the commissioned artwork for personal use or as a gift, or print it out.

You, the Customer, CANNOT:

- use the commissioned artwork for any Commercial purposes, or otherwise making any profits from it,
- alter the commissioned artwork without my, the Artist’s, consent.

Commission Processing Time:
- Average request processing time: 3 days
- Average turnaround time: 5 days

- Accepted payment method: Paypal invoices
- Accepted currency: USD (EUR on request)

I, the Artist, reserve the right to cancel an order at any time for any reason, and the right to reject an order request if it contains way too complex clothing or background, armor, machinery, furry, animals, text and writings, detailed lace, or you, the Customer, refuse to provide the details I need.

Basic Information
1. Name or nickname *
How can I address you?
2. Email associated with your PayPal account for invoicing purposes *
Order Details
3. Amount of avatars *
Please pick how many avatars you would like me to make. In case you'd like more than listed, please specify in the "Other" option and I will clarify the price via email.
4. Avatar background *
Background can only be flat color or transparent. Please note that custom color might not go well with my specific color palette.
5. Avatar format and resolution *
Please pick if you'd like the default format or tell me what you need in the "Other" option.
6. Reference photo(s) *
Paste image link of your suitable portrait photo (or send it to tyinneart@email.cz after submitting this form). Please make sure your photo is in a suitable form - see information here: https://tyiart.crd.co/#ref
7.1. Added accessories & fantasy elements *
Please TICK ALL FEATURES that you would like to to include in your avatar. There is no extra fee unless it's mentioned next to that accessory in brackets.
7.2. [OPTIONAL] Accessory details
If needed, describe or paste image links of above picked features & accessories. If you don't specify, I will add the features based on my taste.
8. [OPTIONAL] Additional notes
If you would like a physical print shipped to you, let me know here, or write down anything else I should know about this request.
Additional Information
9. [OPTIONAL] Promo code to use (1):
For Patreon codes only.
10. By purchasing a digital item from me, you agree to have read and accepted my Commission guidelines mentioned at the beginning of this form & on my website. *
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