TORONTO ANIMATED IMAGE SOCIETY (TAIS) is an animation production space where artists engage in the creation of independent work in studio.
Please enter your Studio Membership #. If you are unsure of your Member # and/or your membership status, please contact TAIS at 416-533-7889, or If you need to apply for a new TAIS membership, renew your membership, or upgrade your TAIS Supporting Membership to a Studio Membership, visit:
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To finalize your booking, you will need to present TAIS staff with one of the following pieces of current (up to date) photo ID. Please indicate which you will bring with you. *
TAIS will keep a copy of your ID on file for up to 1-year. TAIS will never share your personal identification information with any third party. All member's personal identification records are shredded annually.
• All studio and equipment booking revenues go to support the programming and operations of TAIS.
• Bookings allow 24 HOUR ACCESS to the studio.
• Bookings rates INCLUDE use of a computer and production equipment, IN STUDIO ONLY. Offsite use of TAIS equipment must be booked separately. Where equipment needs overlap with other studio bookings the studio manager will set a sharing schedule; limits on use by one booking may be set by the studio manager where deemed necessary.
• TAIS Studio Members maintain rights to the work they create at TAIS. The use of TAIS resources does however require acknowledgement of TAIS for production assistance (see below Acknowledging TAIS)
• Studio use of equipment and resources are prioritized for non-commercial, independent productions though we accept Third-Party rentals for commercial, non-independent and/or producer-driven productions on a case-by-case basis.
• Members bringing their own equipment into TAIS studios must get prior approval from the studio manager at the time of booking confirmation, and must provide a complete list of equipment being brought into the studio.
• TAIS does not provide general technical assistance; specialized consultation can be arranged by TAIS, by request
• Members must agree to maintain the security and safety of the facility, equipment, and adhere to a code of conduct that respects the rights of all studio users, guests, staff, and integrity of TAIS resources.

• SELF-FUNDED / FUNDED RATES - Full refund available if booking is cancelled more than 2 days in advance of start date. No refunds available for cancellations within 2 days of start date. Additional charges may apply if booking dates are modified within 2 days of start date.
• THIRD-PARTY RATE - Full refund available if booking is cancelled more than 7 days in advance of start date. No refunds available for cancellations within 7 days of start date. Additional charges may apply if booking dates are modified within 7 days in advance of start date.

• The use of TAIS equipment and studios constitutes a form of production assistance to the animator from TAIS, and as such TAIS must be fully acknowledged and credited in the titles and/or credits of any production using TAIS resources and/or receiving subsidized assistance.
• A guide and resources for acknowledging TAIS is available at:
• TAIS requires that members approved for subsidized rates acknowledge the support of TAIS in all public materials and credits for their project.
• TAIS requires that members paying Regular rates to use TAIS studios and equipment acknowledge TAIS in the public materials and credits of their project.
• TAIS requests that members booking at Third Party rates acknowledge TAIS in the credits of their project.
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