ConfiHome Survey
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Which "want" you want to fulfill mostly, when using the application?
If you could do only one thing with the CONFIHOME app, what would it be?
What motivates you most to leave your apartment and explore the neighbourhood?
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Do the opinions/recommendations of your friends/relatives regarding services/products matter for you?
Do you have places/shops/businesses, which you recommend your friends on regular basis? If yes, what are these?
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Knowing, that it would benefit both you and your friends, would you recommend some kind of place/business by such application?
Does this benefit is motivating enough to sign up application account?
Would you consider using such app on regular basis?
Would you consider valuable a feature that tells your friends/relatives that you will attend a certain event or stay in certain place in order to meet up?
What kind of rewards you like most?
Do the discounts/rewards received for accepting the invitations from your friends would motivate you to visit certain place?
What kind of other features within the app are interesting, useful for you?
What is missing in this application?
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What makes you would like to use this application?
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What makes you wouldn't like to use this application?
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