UIL Cast and Crew Form
Audition/Tech Application - UIL OAP – 2021
Edith Stein by Arthur Giron
THE STORY: A haunting and passionate drama. Edith Stein was a Jewish intellectual who converted to Roman Catholicism, joined a Carmelite nunnery and was martyred at Auschwitz. Subsequently beatified by Pope John Paul II, here is her story.

For a description of the characters go here.


IMPORTANT DATES (as known right now – more clinic dates may be added):
December 6th 11:59pm – Audition videos due
December 9th– Callbacks after school
December 10th - Company posted
December 11th – Company Meeting (after school)
January 25th – Rehearsals begin
February 15th – Clinic at WHS with Deb Shaw
February 24th - Clinic at Reedy with Larry and Sue Wisdom
March 4th – Zone Contest –at Reedy
March 18th – District Contest - at Reedy (if advance)
March 16th - Public performance at Wakeland
March 25th – Bi-District Contest at The Colony (if advance)
April 2nd – Area Meet at Hebron HS (if advance)
April 15th – Regional Meet at Rockhill HS(if advance)
April 30th – State Meet (if advance)

We require a COMPLETE LIST of conflicts with attending any of the scheduled rehearsals, workshops, performances & competitions. The list must be ACCURATE, with SPECIFIC dates and times. This is very important; one of the things we consider in casting a play is when students can be available and when they already have prior commitments. We will absolutely NOT hold it against any student for having previous plans and activities; we just ask that we are told before the company is decided.

All dates are mandatory for all called company members. If we advance to district, WE WILL REHEARSE OVER SPRING BREAK. It will be later in the week to prepare for contest after the break.

Students are expected to follow the district guidelines for extracurricular activities. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the student being replaced or dismissed.
The last week of rehearsals before contest will be very hectic and rehearsals will run longer than usual. We mention this so you realize that if your child is a part of the company, they will need to be at school late on those days. However, for the rest of the rehearsal schedule, we promise to have them to you by the appointed time. Please have your child picked up promptly – theatre & fine arts area are used at nights by various groups and we are obligated to be gone at the appointed time.

Audition Process
All individuals wishing to audition for an onstage role MUST perform two contrasting monologues. The time limit for both monologues together is 2 minutes. All monologues MUST BE MEMORIZED!!!!! You will submit your monologues via video. Callbacks will be posted by Dec. 8 and will be in person after school on December 9th. Callbacks will be cold reading.

Have form completely filled out and signed by both you and your parent
Have conflict calendar filled out with all known conflicts
Rehearsals will be Monday – Thursday, 4:30-6:30 PM with some Fridays.
I will also be calling quite a few Saturday rehearsals throughout the process, so it is vital that I know your complete conflict schedule including weekends. Availability is a part of the casting consideration. If you say you are going to be available, however, you must follow through with it. If you suddenly become unavailable (not here and there, but regularly) after casting, you may lose your spot.
You will need to plan on rehearsing over spring break.

12/9 - 4:30 callbacks
12/10 Company list posted after school – scripts will be available for the company to take and work on over break.
12/11 Company Meeting after school
1/25 First Rehearsal

Please understand that this is our UIL competition piece. We take this very seriously, as we hope you will too. We expect a high level of dedication to this production experience and have high hopes for us that we will all work together to take the show as far as it can go. UIL is a great learning experience for everyone and we look forward to taking this journey together. If that means you need to be an alternate/understudy, then that is what will need to happen.

Selecting the stage manager and crew members is equally as important as casting the acting company. The old notion that “if you don’t make the cast, maybe you can make the crew” is not only outdated, illogical, cruel and ridiculous, it is also diametrically opposed to sound educational theatre principles and modern stage practices. The one act play depends upon artistic collaboration from all concerned; to regulate crew to second-class citizen status is to commit theatrical suicide. All members of a one-act play are of equal importance. Because every member of the UIL OAP Company is equally I will cast our play with several different things in mind. Educational theatre is committed to the company concept rather than to the “star” system. While a quality production is desirable and attainable, we will assure a balance in casting for the total program. I will cast by ability, availability, and coach-ability. I will avoid casting people who I cannot depend on or who will not put us first no matter how massive that student’s talents and abilities might be. The overall welfare of the company is of greatest importance and a meaningful experience for that company and for the audience, is worth protecting.
I will select actors who will be most beneficial to important to the success of the production, collaborative cooperation in the production process is essential. The following is basically the six A’s of casting:
1. Academics
2. Availability
3. Attitude
4. Adaptability
5. Appropriateness
6. Ability

We are going to have a lot of fun! If you have any questions, please come and see us, call us at school, (469) 633-5736 or email us at dalfonzj@friscoisd.org (Mrs. Dalfonzo) or yowella@friscoisd.org (Mr. Yowell).

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