CLT - Computational and Logic Thinking Challenges
In the past year, we taught computational and logic thinking to different ages and with different groups. Students love computational and logic thinking problems. These kinds of training will help students grow both math and programming skills.

We would like to understand how our students develop their computational and algorithmic thinking, what type of tasks help attract them and motivate for further involvement etc.

The Computing Challenge introduces students to computational thinking. The tasks can be answered without prior knowledge digital technology, but are clearly related to the subject. We will be hosting free annual computational and logic thinking challenges again this year in Nov.

We will give students different levels of challenge to students so each student has a chance to achieve high.

- Let high-performing students take the challenge in a higher age category to stretch them a bit
- Let low-performing students take the challenge in a lower age category to give them confidence
- Use the data of your class or school to introduce students to data analytics. Since everybody has participated in the challenge, they will relate to your introduction more.

There are different task sets for different age students. Six age groups are suggested.

I group. Pre-Primary – Grade 1 and 2 (5-8 years old)
II group. Primary - Grade 3 and 4 (8-10 years old)
III group. Benjamins – Grade 5 and 6 (10-12 years old)
IV group. Cadets – Grade 7 and 8 (12-14 years old)
V group. Juniors – Grade 9 and 10 (14-16 years old)
VI group. Seniors – Grade 11 and 12(13) (16-19 years old)

Anyone within these groups can participate; it does not matter if it is a language student or a born mathematician!
The questions only require some basic reasoning ability. Each student is required to have a computer to attend the competition.
Group II
Group III
Group IV
Group V
Group VI
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