Fisheries and Wildlife Mentorship Program Undergraduate Application
Thank you for your interest in the FW Mentorship program!

Please fill out the short application below to aid prospective FW mentors in reviewing your application. Applications will be forwarded to prospective FW mentors and reviewed within one to two weeks following submission. Please check your email regularly during this time. If you seem like a good fit for a particular mentor, they will contact you via email to setup a one-on-one informal meeting/interview and to discuss the potential mentorship.

If you are interested in working with a particular FW mentor, feel free to contact them directly before or after application submission. The FW mentors make the final decision as to which mentees to accept, so it helps to get on their radar early.

A list of available FW mentors and mentorships can be found on FW Mentorship Webpage:

**Note: not all FW mentors are advertising research opportunities, so make sure to read the mentor bios in full.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.

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What do you hope to gain from participation in this potential mentorship? *
We want to pair you with a grad student who can offer you the most appropriate advice and training. Think about what skills you hope to gain, or what type of advice you are seeking (e.g., gaining research experience, creating a CV/resume, finding an internship/job, getting into grad school, etc.)
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Do you have previous experience conducting research or working independently? If so, please outline that here. *
Please document pertinent experience here. We do not expect applicants to have previous research experience, but being able to work independently is important when participating with research.
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How many hours a week can you dedicate to this program? *
In order of preference, please list up to 5 prospective mentors who you would be most interested in having as a mentor. If you have already been in contact with a prospective mentor, and they have agreed to take you on as a mentee, only list their name. *
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If you listed a prospective mentor with research based in Newport, how often will you be able to travel to Newport to assist with research activities? *
Please outline a general plan (i.e., will you already be living or taking class in Newport this term? Which days are you available? How many days per week can you travel to Newport? Etc.)
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If there is any other information that you believe is pertinent for prospective mentors to know, please document that here.
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