CEO 2020 Volunteer Application
Hello potential CEO volunteer! CEO Gaming doesn't run without the community and we greatly appreciate you wanting to take the time to help this event be the best it can be.

Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability. Acceptance e-mails will be sent out shortly after the volunteer application window has closed.

Volunteer acceptances will be released a month before CEO 2019. While accepted applicants will have their venue fee reimbursed, we implore you all to preregister to CEO 2019 so you can save money if not accepted.

If you are accepted and are present for your volunteer shifts, CEO Gaming Inc. will reimburse your convention entrance fee within one week of the conclusion of the event to the via the payment method you used to purchase your badge. Game fees (to compete in bracket) are not reimbursed.
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If volunteering to be a bracket judge, which games would you like to volunteer for? (The more games you're able to help with, the higher your chances of acceptance) *
Which days would you be willing to volunteer? *
Approximately how many hours would you be willing to volunteer throughout the weekend? (The more you're able to volunteer, the higher your chances of acceptance) *
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