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I was able to communicate adequately with my therapist.
The picture quality was good.
The sound quality was good.
My privacy and confidentiality were respected and protected
Telehealth made it easier to get healthcare today.
Getting access to the telehealth session was easy
I was able to navigate the telehealth platform with ease
I was provided with a reminder for my services
The organization provided adequate informaiton to start up with telehealth
It was easy for me to determine insurance coverage for telehealth services
Telehealth is a convenient alternative to traditional care
Office staff were available to support my questions
How would you rate your treating clinicians on the following areas: *
The specialist was on time for the appointment.
My clinician was prepared for session
My clinician helped me understand the benefits of the activities
My clinician asked for my feedback and ideas
My clinician communicated clearly agenda/expectations for our time together
My clinician was friendly, responsive, and worked to develop relationship with my family
My questions were answered
The telehealth activities were helpful in achieving my goals
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