Small Business Program Quiz
Receive 100% accuracy on this 10 question quiz to receive the Small Business Application.

THIS IS A SELF GRADING QUIZ. Please correct your own errors.

To correct any incorrect answers:

1. After you have submitted your form, look for the confirmation page and click on the button that says "VIEW YOUR ACCURACY". This will open a separate tab where you can view your correct and incorrect answers.

2. Once you see what needs to be corrected, go back to the CONFIRMATION PAGE tab and clink the on the small link that says "EDIT YOUR RESPONSE".

3. Go back and fix your errors.

4. Resubmit.

5. Once a 100% accurate quiz is submitted you'll receive a link to the Small Business Application in the email address you submitted within the quiz.

Questions or concerns please email:

Email address *
All small business owners must attend Small Business Orientation before they enter into Bootcamp. *
The Taco Mixer that Small Business owners attend to meet their assigned Youth Developers happens when? *
Small business owners must open a Gmail account so that they can exchange photos, text & website information with Hack the Hood staff & their Youth Developer in Google Drive. To learn more about Google Drive, visit: *
When do small business owners need to provide at least 6 high resolution digital photos (300 DPI) in JPEG or GIF Format? *
Small business owners must provide a minimum of 2 paragraphs PER website page (About, Mission/Vision, Services, Contact, etc.) to their Youth Developer before Bootcamp. *
The Youth Developer will help small business owners with assets for their website - like taking pictures and writing text. *
Small business owners only have to attend 1 in-person consultation with their Youth Developer - the rest of the work can be done by phone or email. *
After the Bootcamp ends, Hack the Hood or the Youth Developer will continue to help small business owners manage, edit and develop their websites. *
Small business owners can edit their website from their mobile phone. *
If small business owners need help with their website after the Bootcamp, how can they contact Weebly? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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