InsideOut Youth DNOW 2023
This form is to pre-register for the DNOW weekend (January 27th-January 29th). All of the answers are required!
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Emergency Contact First and Last Name *
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T-Shirt Size *
Allergies (Food or Environmental). If none, then put "none" *
Do you plan to attend the whole weekend? *
If you answered "No" on the previous question, indicate the days/times you will not be present for the event.

If you answered "Yes" on the previous question, skip this question.
Do you plan on bringing a friend to the event? If yes, please include their names. If no, put "no". *
The format of this event has host homes for your group to stay overnight at for the weekend. These host families are members of our church who are well known and strongly trusted. You will also be with a group of your peers/friends, so you will not be alone. Please indicate whether or not you are comfortable with staying overnight in the host home. If you are not, we will work around this aspect of the event. *
The cost for attending the event is indicated below:

$40 if you are a regularly attending youth
$30 if you are a friend attending with one of our youth. 

If you need help with the cost, please let Pastor Brannon know, and we will take care of you! We just want you to attend with us!

You can pay ahead of time by giving the money to Pastor Brannon, or you can pay the day of the event at registration.

Please indicate that you have read and understood the cost for the event.
Read the statements below and indicate that you agree to abide by their implications:

-I agree to be respectful of First Baptist Church's people and property while attending the DNOW weekend.
-I agree to be respectful to the host home leaders and their homes while I am staying there.
-I will not do, say, or bring anything to the event that would be:

1) Harmful to myself or anyone else (weapons)
2) Dishonoring of the faith and values of First Baptist Church and dishonoring of our name in the community
3) Inappropriate/illegal (drugs, alcohol, inappropriate pictures/videos, etc.)

***The refusal to abide by these agreements will result in you no longer be allowed to attend the remainder of the event and possible restrictions for future events. Legal action may be pursued as well if necessary. The ultimate decision will be based on the severity of the violation and the discretion of First Baptist Church leaders. We will lean towards grace and mercy, but do not take advantage of this disposition.
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