Blythewood Express Rider Survey
This form is to provide The COMET with feedback from those using the Blythewood Express. If you would like to tell us why you are not riding we have a form for that too.
Are you male or female?
What is your age range?
How did you hear about the Blythewood Express?
What is your home address or a near intersection?
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What is your destination?
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How convenient is using the Blythewood Express?
Does not fit my schedule
Fits my schedule
Please rate the comfort of the vehicle on the Blythewood Express.
Not comfortable
Very comfortable
How did the service meet your expectations?
Did not meet expectations
Exceeded expectations
Please rate the following statement: The hours of service/trip times are appropriate and convenient.
If you disagreed with the question above what changes would you like to see made?
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How many days in the last full week did you ride the Blythewood Express?
What kind of trips do you make? Check all that apply.
If you use the Transloc app to track the bus, how well does it work for you?
Please name any other changes you would like to see with the Blythewood express or use this space for any other comments.
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