CREATION Trainer programme - Expression of interest form
The CREATION Erasmus+ team invites educators/trainers/migrant support workers, to express interest in the launch of the CREATION elearning platform and to complete the train-the-trainer programme developed.

This 60-hour in-service training programme is delivered online in a self-directed, self-paced format; the intention is to work with participatory, community-based, coworking learning resources and self-directed learning material to capitalise on the ubiquity of an online learning environment.

The programme is divided into three modules and will explore the different roles that educators and migrant support workers are required to adopt, as well as consider issues when working with marginalised adults to ensure that both the educators and learners fully understand what constitutes a successful intervention. This can be completely different to teaching and learning in more formal, structured learning programmes and environments.

Upon completion of each module, learners receive a dedicated digital badge, as an accreditation for their work.

We kindly ask that you fill in your details below so that we notify you via email when the platform is launched in mid-June 2021, with the details to register and take up the programme.

For more information about the trainer programme and CREATION project, please, contact us at and/or
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There is a multiplier event (physical) planned in partner countries of the CREATION project - Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Ireland - to take place in September 2021, are you interested to join? If your answer is yes or maybe, we shall contact you ahead of the event with details on registration and activities. *
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