Arcadia Group Volunteer Day Request
Thank you for your interest in working on the farm! Our farmers are growing food for thousands of families who otherwise lack access to wholesome fruits and vegetables, so we have to limit the number of groups that can work on the farm (or the farmers won't have time to actually grow any food!). Your tax deductible donation offsets the cost of supplies and equipment for volunteer projects and helps keep the farm in good working order. Please fill out this form and we'll be in touch to schedule your group visit, working around our farmers' schedules, field trips, and events on the property. When you come, please wear sunhats, closed-toe shoes, long pants and sleeves are recommended, and bring a reusable water bottle. We can refill you on site!
Your Name
Your group name (company, team, scout troop or otherwise)
Your email address
Your phone number
How many people in your group? (we can easily accommodate 30 and under. If you have more, that's ok! We just need to do some extra planning together)
Requested dates
We request a tax-deductible donation from groups that want to spend a day at our farm to offset the cost of materials (wheelbarrows, hoes, seedlings etc) and staff time away from our other duties (our farm staff works well in excess of 40 hours a week as it is!). The requested donation is linked to the site where you will work and the size of your group, as well as the particulars of a project -- typically $250 for a group of 15 or under at Hilltop doing routine garden work, to $500 for 15 and $1000 for 30 people at our Dogue Farm production site for fruit tree planting and other projects. Sound reasonable?
What project are you interested in? (check all that apply; we will try to accommodate your preferences depending on season, weather and the farm work that needs to be done!)
Tell us about the group you are bringing! Who are they? Why does this volunteer activity attract them?
What do you hope your group will gain from this volunteer experience? What would make it a success for you?
Anything else we should know? Thanks! We will be in touch shortly!
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